Ipod loaded with Daf Yomi Monday April 24, 2017
28 Nisan 5777
Today's Daf is Bava Basra 92
85 days left until we start Sanhedrin
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Masechta Downloader version 2 (Oct 11, 2006)

The masechta downloader allows you download a whole masechta at a time. It runs on most versions of Windows. A long time talmid of the dafyomi.org site, Jacob Shalev of the Diasoft Corporation, generously gave of his time and talent to write it. It has been updated to version 2 to accomodate the newly resliced format of the audio files.

Click here to download the software and then follow the installation instructions.

Click here to read the instructions.

Kol hakavod to Jacob, and to all those who use his software to download Rav Grossman's shiurim to learn.